What are the steps involved?


A quote may be requested on-line or via phone, fax or e-mail.  The following information will need to be provided to obtain a quote:  name of customer, description of equipment, equipment cost, desired repayment terms and payment frequency.

To submit a request for quote, please click the appropriate link below.

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To complete an on-line form, Submit Quote

Credit Review

Upon acceptance of the quote, the customer will be required to complete a one-page credit application and may be required to supply financial information (depending on the dollar amount, equipment type, etc.).  Upon receipt of the required items, a formal credit review will be conducted to verify the credit worthiness of the applicant.  This process can take between four hours and several days, depending on the dollar amount involved and the complexity of the credit and/or structure.


Once a quote is accepted, and upon credit approval, the transaction will be formalized through the execution of the appropriate lease documentation.  To prepare documents, the customer will need to provide the legal name of the Lessee, mailing address, and contact information.  A detailed description of the equipment (including serial numbers or Vehicle Identification Numbers, if applicable) will also be needed.


Upon receipt of properly executed documentation, the transaction will typically fund within 24 hours or as agreed to by the Lessee and equipment vendor.


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